More change of plans

Crunchyroll just announced that they will start backlogging their releases with 20-30 episodes per week. This means that in a few months they will have caught up to Thriller Bark, and a while after that, Fishman Island. We have way too many releases all over the place at the moment and we have decided to hold our releases on both Thriller Bark and Fishman Island at the moment and wait for this consistent source to edit with. Otherwise we would just have to make v2s (v4s by this point?) once Crunchyroll do catch up to Fishman Island.

Instead, we are going to start with Punk Hazard. However, these will be final, as we use the blu-ray sources which Crunchyroll cannot beat in quality. We are first going to catch up the blu-rays up to this point (595 at the moment, and Punk Hazard starts at 579) and then start releasing those once a day. Toei will probably finish Punk Hazard blu-rays before Crunchyroll catches up to Fishman Island however, so we’ll see what happens after that.